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Changing Perspectives & Encouraging Growth Program

Changing Perspectives and Encouraging Growth (CPEG) Program 


   Changing Perspectives and Encouraging Growth or CPEG respectfully is a program created by HSB Gunguy and in 2020. Far too often in lower income minority communities is there a misguided and often prejudice perspective about firearms and the right to bear arms. It is the most unexercised right in these communities, and mostly because of the lack of knowledge. 

   What CPEG aims to do in these communities is push to change the perspectives about gun ownership not only with knowledge and encouragement but with practical application methods as well. People tend to refer to black on black crime or minority violent crime rates as if firearms are the leading means of how these crimes are committed. Less than 1% of violent crimes or murders in the U.S. are committed with Firearms, and out of that percentage an even smaller percentage are minority only.


   As an Infantryman in Al Anbar Province, Fallujah, Iraq HSB Gunguy learned the importance of gaining the hearts and minds of a community, and the power of influence the youth have over the future of their direct environment. Which is why CPEG works directly with young influential minority children and teaches them the importance of their 2nd amendment rights, and the appropriate respect level for firearms so that they don’t in turn become a part of the problem in their communities. 

   CPEG wants to teach the youth not only about their rights, or how to handle a firearm safely, or how to be a responsible law-abiding firearm owner, we also aim to include some basic survival knowledge and first aid in the program and we cannot do any of this without you all helping us make it happen. If you think the CPEG is a vital component to fixing our own problems in our own communities please hit that donate button below. 

   Thanks in advance and we look forward to working with you in the future. Please feel free to message us or volunteer your time at any point. 



              HSB Gunguy and The Gunguy Team 

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