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The Gunguy

HSB Gunguy or Brandon London to most, is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as Operation Enduring Freedom in Fallujah, Iraq. So HSB Gunguy is a veteran owned and operated company started in 2017. Here at HSB Gunguy we strive to push simple and important values to our clients and those values are Family, Community, and Self Reliance. With all three of our Core Values protection is the first and most paramount component. We focus on teaching Families with children 8 years of age and older the fundamentals of marksmanship and self/home defense.  Here at HSB we are not anti-police, we are not anti-government, we are however Pro 2nd amendment as well as Pro Life. That’s your life, “Pro Your Life”. We focus on teaching law abiding American Citizens how to protect their own life in the moments that they absolutely may need to. TRAIN WITH US AND BECOME A GUNGUY/GUNGAL! 



Brandon London 

"HSB Gunguy"


  • USMC Combat Veteran

  • NRA Pistol Instructor

  • Firearms Instructor/ Consultant

  • NCCA Brand Ambassador

  • USCCA Partner Instructor

  • TacX Pro Gear Partner

  • Naaga Member

  • Pro 2A Advocate and Youtuber


Lawrence Coutee

"Gear Guy"

Survival Specialist

  • Registered PPO Officer/Body Gaurd

  • Assistant Instructor

  • Range Safety Officer

  • Pro 2A Advocate 

  • Director of S.P.E.A.R


DaRon "Quick" Stewart

"The Dog Guy"

King K9 Dog Trainer

  • Range Guide

  • Protection Dog Trainer

  • Guard Dog Trainer

  • Pro 2A Advocate 

  • Owner of King K9 Training

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