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"Here at HSB Gunguy we strive to push simple and important values to our clients and those values are Family, Community, and Self Reliance. With all three of our Core Values protection is the first and most paramount component. We focus on teaching Individuals, and Families with children 8 years of age and older the fundamentals of marksmanship and self/home defense. "



Learn everything you need to know about responsible , dependable, and lawful pistol ownership in this seven session Program. Starting from the basics of safety and handling, legalities, markmaship and mechanics, defensive shooting, maneuvering, and communication. LEARN TO LOOK LIKE THE PREY BUT FIGHT LIKE THE PREDATOR.


Get an abbreviated version of the Total Pistol Program. This short program focuses on the absolute bare necessities of responsible,dependable, and lawful handgun ownership. Working through some of the basic points of  mechanics and marksmanship, safety and handling, and all the legalities; you will walk away with a great understanding, respect and confidence in carrying and God forbid using your firearm to DEFEND YOUR LIFE.



Although this wont be available until June 2022 feel free to RSVP in advance if you have been particularly waiting for HSB GunGuy to start teaching this class. This is only for your License to Carry not to teach you how to shoot or defend yourself. Which is why i recommend the DEFENSIVE  PISTOL PROGRAM  or TOTAL PISTOL PROGRAM because the TEXAS LICENSE TO CARRY COURSE is included in the curriculum and NOT the price.

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Learn the basics of the rifle/carbine platforms all the way up to battle proficiency in this program. The question rises that these type of skills are unnecessary, however, the reasons they are are being shown in the world today. 2nd Amendment rights protect the rights of the people and the peoples readiness. It is BETTER TO HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND NOT NEED IT THAN TO NEED THE KNOWLEDGE AND NOT HAVE IT! 


Shoot With Us

Want a place to just run some drills, prep for an upcoming competition, or just get rounds down range with out the distraction of other shooters Gunguy Range is a private location on secluded private property and ideal to do just those things. 


Shop With Us

Introducing Black.2A by HSB Gunguy, an apparel line that caters to legal firearms and the legal firearm owners in our communities. We are the first line of defense for our families and we are proud of it! "Put your pride on display with apparel from Black.2A!"


Book With Us

We offer several types of training from basic mechanics up to more advanced mechanics, marksmanship, maneuvering, and tactics. With HSB you can RUN-N-GUN in the SUN or pour the foundation of effective shooting it's a one stop shop. 

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